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Welcome to the Therapeutic Options™ Instructor Page

We're very happy to be able to create a special section of our website as an additional support to our certified instructors. Here you will be able to download clean copies of the current participant manual and PowerPoint presentation, as well as tests and test keys, and skill assessments. The material on this page will always be the latest versions of these materials.

Here you can also find video clips of all the physical skills covered in the curriculum. Check back periodically for updates. Please continue to practice these skills, using the videos as a reference, continually refining your performance. Aim for smooth, assertive, confident, and controlled movement. E-mail or call us if you need clarification of any of the program content.

Certified Instructors must first create an account in order to access the videos and training materials. If you are not a certified instructor, please contact us for details about achieving certification.

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