The base rate for the four-day Therapeutic Options™ Train the Trainer program, instructor certification, and all materials is $900 per person. At the end of the first year instructors must attend a one-day recertification workshop. Instructors must recertify every other year after the first recertification. Cost for recertification is $500.

If an agency wishes to host a training and have a team of instructors certified, we will train up to 14 people on site for a base group rate of $9,000, plus travel expenses (airfare, ground transportation, lodging, and meals) for the Master Instructor. Base group rate for recertification is $5,000.

Discounted Rates

In an effort to support agencies that have adopted positive practices in their service and support systems, Therapeutic Options, Inc. offers substantial Positive Practices Discounts. Positive practices is a general term we use to describe a way of providing services that focuses on inclusion, self-determination, recovery, competency, self-advocacy, independence, relationships, and quality of life. Using positive practices requires energy, awareness, commitment, and constant planning. It can be challenging, especially in the beginning. It's so much easier to go on autopilot and expect people to conform to our notion of "service," whether it's appropriate or not. We want to support agencies that are making a genuine effort to implement positive practices by minimizing their financial burden in securing quality training for their staff.

If your agency has made any of the positive practices listed below an integral part of your agency culture, and provide ongoing training and support to your staff in their use, and you wish to claim the discount, please download the Positive Practices Affirmation form, have your agency administrator complete and sign it, and attach it to the registration form. The Positive Practices Affirmation form can be found on the REGISTRATION page of this website.

In appreciation for the service and sacrifice of our U.S. Military, Therapeutic Options, Inc. offers additional discounts to all active duty or veteran hospitals, schools, or community-based service systems.

Provider Type Qualifying Practice Individual Fee (Cert/Re-Cert) Group Rate (Cert/Re-Cert)
School / School System Positive Behavior Support $800 / $450 $8,000 / $4,500
Inpatient or Community Mental Health Services Recovery Models, Psychiatric or psychosocial Rehabilitation, Trauma-Informed Practice, Positive Behavior Support $800 / $450 $8,000 / $4,500
Developmental or Intellectual Disabilities Person-Centered Planning, Positive Behavior Support, Trauma-Informed Practice $800 / $450 $8,000 / $4,500
Military Hospital, School, or Community-based Services Any service to active military, veterans, or their families $750 / $400 $7,500 / $4,000